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Who am I?

Martina Marchio, born on 21/07/1998 in Turin, Italy. 

I have been a musician for my whole life, working on songwriting and video production as well. In 2019, I moved to Berlin in order to become a Game Developer and to get my Bachelor Degree in Arts & Design, specifically Game Design. I had the opportunity to explore almost every aspect of game development and I wrote my thesis on the effect of games on the psyche through the lens of Positive Psychology. I I developed and published three main titles, including Pity Party, which received very good feedback and engagement, and several minor titles alongside my journey at the University Of Applied Sciences of Europe. 

I did two internships: one in Narrative Design at Gunzilla Games in Frankfurt (remote), together with a team of writers, included Olivier Henriot (Expert Writer) and Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon); one at Soba Studios in Berlin, in Game Design and Community Management.

After that, I took a break, did a Narrative Design-focused course in Italy and focused on music. I'm currently working on my first EP, but I'm now ready to enter the Industry.

My work, my vision

I would argue that my work focuses on passive storytelling and allegorical narrative. I prioritize aesthetics as a narrative tool themselves, since I consider visuality a deep, powerful element.

Anyway, I prefer to tackle deep, sometimes uncomfortable topics, and I tend to deal with themes that are somehow important for me on a personal level. That is indeed my way to heal through the art I make. 


As a Game Designer, my main focus is how and what the players feel. Indeed, I always aim for games that are able to convey strong, solid feelings and sensations, that usually thin the 'bark' of the player, sharpening their emotional acumen and sensibility for the game's overall feeling. As an instance, feelings that are not generally perceived as good, might them be disturbing as discomfort and fear, or bittersweet as nostalgia and melancholia, especially when creating a contrast with the tones or the aesthetics, really do the work, as far as I'm concerned.







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